Slot machine Markov chain machine distribution ratio method, binomial distribution law of 15-square wheel shaft

The slot machine Markov chain probability distribution method, extends the slot machine wheel shaft 15 grids and then extends the binomial distribution law. It is assumed that there are three choices of scissors, rock, and cloth in the process of guessing the box. The same as the slot machine probability method, it is winning or not winning. Markov chain The problem of probability is extracted through trigonometry. As mentioned above, there are three choices in the guessing process. If two people, A and B, are preparing to play a guessing game, their guessing strategies may be divided into two types.

Player A’s punching strategy: use 37% cloth, 33% rock, and 30% scissors, and the integration is 100% of the decision value. Player B’s punching strategy: when the previous punch wins, the same punch will be thrown in the next round. If the previous round is a loss or a draw, then the next round will be changed to another two punches, and the probability is 50%.

From the above two points, we can see that A’s punches are fixed 30% scissors, 33% rock, and 37% cloth, but B is to modify his initial method after judgment, so the first punch is 100% punch, The next hand will result in a 100% winning result or a 50% two-choice punch, then the calculation formula is: P(A scissors & B rock)+[P(A non-rock & B cloth)+P(A Non-cloth & B scissors)]/2= Calculate the probability of B punching from the 2nd to 5th. This calculation method is the Markov chain machine law.

Binomial distribution of 15 axles

Let’s first imagine a slot machine game that divides it into 15 independent grids. In the random number sequence, the game grid may form 3 connections, 4 connections, 5 connections, or 1 grid without connection, 2 grids without connection, etc. The result is generated, then the Symbol is divided into five types of results: B1, B2, B3, B4, and B5. The winning rate of Chance is 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%, then the odds of winning the single cell must be calculated. Just three parameters.

  • Parameter 1: How many numbers are opened for each pattern.
  • Parameter 2: The total number of grids is fixed at 15 for calculation.
  • Parameter 3: Each pattern will have a chance to appear, and it will not form a fixed pattern when it appears

In the calculation, we bring in B1~B5=0~15 graphics odds, 10%~30%=the odds of winning the lottery, when the game starts to end, the grid of B1 corresponds to 1 of the 15 grids of fixed parameter 2, then B1-15 grids-X graphics = Y probability, after the calculation of the first column area is completed, entering the second column needs to be converted with the 5 grid graphics probability of the first column, and finally after the B2 and B3 of the second column are launched , the next B4 and B5 will calculate the probability of opening a small to large payout pattern for each grid. To practice the binomial distribution method of 15 axles, you must first take out the predicted expected value from the 0th grid, and then enter the 1~15th grid. For each lottery odds, you will eventually be able to send out the lottery odds of that slot machine.